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Public seminar at Lancaster University on the design of Talkwall

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Ole Smørdal held a public seminar on ‘Participatory Design & Design for Participation, a case with Talkwall’.

The seminar was held at The Centre for Technology Enhanced Learning in the Department of Educational Research, Lancaster University, on Monday 27th June 2016.

From the invitation:

Talkwall is a micro-blogging and visualization tool, at the heart of a new research project being undertaken by University of Oslo and University of Cambridge (2016-2020), targeting secondary school students’ collaboration and critical thinking within three core domains (language, social science and natural science). Schools in Norway and England are taking part. Using a design-based approach, the tool is developed in collaboration with teachers and aims to be a support for teachers who want to promote new forms of classroom dialogue. The seminar invites interaction among the audience, to explore possible uses of Talkwall and its resources for teachers.