How to Use Talkwall

Showing students’ walls

Each participating device in a Talkwall session gets a separate wall to organise contributions. These walls are available for the teacher, and can be displayed.

To display a participant(s) wall open the left side panel by selecting the screencast icon Screencast button.

The panel shows a list of everyone that has contributed to the wall which is currently displayed. You may use the arrow buttons in the top bar to navigate to another task, if you have entered more than one task. If the list is empty, or contains few contributors, this only means that the participants have not made any contributions yet.

Note that the feed is shared across all devices, and selecting a participant’s wall only shows the wall. While showing a participant’s wall you may move contributions around and use filters. This will not affect the participant’s organisation of contributions, only the teacher’s display.

This function is a great way to let a student, or groups of students, to take turns to present their work.