How to Use Talkwall

Managing your Talkwalls

The “Your Talkwalls” panel is new in version 3.0. The panel is displayed immediately after login.

The four most recent Talkwalls are listed at the top, and all the others are listed underneath.

If you want a new empty Talkwall enter values for the group and theme and select the big plus button. This opens a new Talkwall immediately.

Selecting a Talkwall on the list opens it and participants can join. If participants use the same nickname as in the previous session they will get the same walls.

For each Talkwall there is an indication of:

  • The number of participants
  • The number of contributions
  • Whether the Talkwall is locked (a lock) or unlocked (a PIN code)
  • The time for the last contribution

There is a menu for each Talkwall:



  • The lock indicates whether the Talkwall can be accessed with a PIN even if the owner is not displaying it. If unlocked participants may join for e.g. homework.
  • Edit allows editing the group and theme values.
  • Download opens a simplified web page containing all the contributions.
  • Delete removes this Talkwall permanently.

Edit also allows this Talkwall to be shared with other owners. For example, two or more teachers may share the same Talkwall. The person you want to add needs to log in at least once to Talkwall before you can add her or him as an owner.

Talkwall uses email addresses to match existing owners. If a person is using e.g. Google to log in, you have to ask which email address he or she is using with their Google account.