How to Use Talkwall

Getting started

This section offers a brief introduction which details how to get started with Talkwall. It is by no means exhaustive, and we encourage you to ‘tinker’ with Talkwall to discover all of the features available.

Talkwall has one mode for teachers and one mode for students, which are both accessed at


Teachers select ‘Create’.

Students initiate their participation in a Talkwall during lessons by selecting ‘Join’ and entering a 4-digit pin number at this stage.

Teachers are prompted to login using either Google or Facebook. Logging in to Talkwall using these credentials makes life easier for users as an initial registration form for using the service does not need to be completed, and as a specific password for Talkwall does not need to be remembered. This information is not shared. Students are not required to login using this information.

When you select create you will be presented with your previous Talkwalls:

If this is the first login ever to Talkwall, the list will be empty. To create the first Talkwall fill inn group and theme, these can be anything and help you to find previous Talkwalls later.

When you select the big plus button you will be presented with the following screen:

A panel is automatically opened on the right side. Add a question, challenge or task for your students. Press Add.

Make sure your device is connected to a large display. The final step is to show the panel “Join with PIN”. You are then presented with the following screen:

A four digit number is displayed. Students use this to participate in a Talkwall after selecting ‘Create’. All students need to enter a nickname. This could be their real names, or a name they decide.

The number of active participants using the Talkwall is also shown.

After students join, they are presented with the screen displayed below.

ADD buttonHere a student selects “+” to contribute. As students contribute, the class feed (selected at the left side of the screen) expands.