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Using Talkwall for brief summaries


Reflection: Summarizing a text, song, movie etc. with as little as 140 characters gives the students practice in sorting information and choosing what are the most important details.

Digital literacy: Social media, text production.


  • orientere seg i store tekstmengder på skjerm og papir for å finne, kombinere og vurdere relevant informasjon i arbeid med faget
  • skrive kreative, informative, reflekterende og argumenterende tekster på hovedmål og sidemål med begrunnede synspunkter og tilpasset mottaker, formål og medium

Description of task/activity


Make a handout of a short story you wish to analyse in class, for instance Roald Dahl’s “Lamb to the slaughter”.

In class

Present the lesson goal briefly by explaining the value of the ability to summarize pieces of information with as few as possible words. By limiting this to 140 characters, the students will need  to reflect upon what was the most important details of the story.

Read the short story in class.
Show Talkwall, and ask all students to take a tablet and join with the pin. Establish the ground rules of the session together with the students. How do you as a teacher want this session to be? What does the students want?

Task 1

Enter question number 1: Write a summary of the short story as a Talkwall message.

Invite a plenary discussion about which summaries were the best. Why were they good?

Sum up the lesson with a meta discussion. What can we learn by limiting ourselves to short texts like this?

Description of the use of Talkwall

Link to the the howto pages: Create, enter question, show pin, show feed, enter another question.


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