How to Use Talkwall

Working with contributions

Working with contributions is at the core of a Talkwall session. There are two basic activities involved.

1. The feed

The feed in the left panel is where every contribution from all participants is displayed. The most recent contribution is at the bottom of the feed. Note that there is one separate feed per task.


In the image above, the feed is enlarged (by selecting the magnifying glass:  magnifying glass ).

To create a new contribution select the big plus icon: ADD btn

A text editor appears at the bottom of the screen. There is a limit of 140 characters for each contribution.

If there is already a contribution in the feed that you want to refine, elaborate or edit in any way, select the mini menu for that contribution and then select edit. If the contribution is yours, it is simply updated. If the contribution belongs to someone else, a new contribution is generated and the original contributor is acknowledged.

Contributions may be deleted by the contributor and the teacher by selecting the delete icon in the mini menu for the contribution.

2. The wall

Contributions in the feed can be selected for further work at the wall. Do this by selecting the pin icon in the mini menu for the contribution. The contribution is now placed at the centre of the wall and can be freely positioned by dragging it around the screen.


Contributions may be removed from the wall by selecting the pin icon again. This does not remove the contribution from the feed.

The background lines may be used in this activity to indicate how the contributions may be arranged (e.g. as pro/contra or according to a timeline).

Contributions of particular interest may be marked. Select the lightbulb icon in the mini menu for the contribution.Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 22.13.58